Monday, December 10, 2007

Breakfast of Chumpions

Monday, December 10, 2007
Scene: Meg's cube, Monday morning, 9:44am

Meg: Hmm. This is a deelishis latte. I can't spell "delicious" because it's Monday and I'm slurring from the weekend of heavy drinking. Those Sunday night tequila shots, they've really got to stop.
(nb: Mom, I'm kidding)

Meg reaches into her large grown-up lady purse.

Meg: Hey! Boy-howdy, a muffin! A blueberry muffin! I love Blueberry Muffins! This is the BEST. MONDAY. EVER!

Meg pulls muffin out of the paper bag.

Meg: Hello, delicious little breakfast pastry friend.

Meg looks adoringly at muffin.

Meg: Wait a second. Did I buy a muffin this morning? Did someone put this muffin in my bag as a special two-weeks-til-christmas surprise?! Maybe I have a secret muffin admirer! Ooh, maybe it's that cute guy from Payroll...

Meg bites into muffin. Pauses. Spits muffin out.

Meg: Nope. This is definitely Friday's muffin.

It's going to be a long, muffinless week.


PatZ said...

i remember 9:44 this morning. i remember looking at the clock and thinking "i can go back to sleep til whenever i want." this however does impeded the getting of fresh baked goods early in the morning...

Meg said...

grumble grumble grumble I want to go to grad school grumble grumble muffins.

K Johnson said...

I also remember 9:44 this morning. I was picking my class up for music and taking them to the gym for 30 minutes of crazy floor hockey fun! 23 minutes later I was standing with my glasses in my hand after being hit in the eye by a hockey puck. Some 10 year olds have surprisingly strong shots.