Friday, December 14, 2007

Just Checking

Friday, December 14, 2007
Sometimes I think that I'm missing out on a really crucial part of my personal development.

That part of one's life, immediately prior to the quarter-life crisis; you've finished post-secondary education, you have an income, you drink a lot on weekdays and date skinny guys named Geoff that listen to techno music, and you buy too many shoes and miss the rent payment because you owe VISA more than you're willing to admit.

Then I realize yesterday, at about 3:30pm, that I've actually rationalized the following statement:

"If I don't eat dinner, I'll be able to drink more because I won't have to worry about the calories in that beer. AND! If I don't eat, I can just get drunk faster, saving me money! Score!"

This is the point in most trashy early-to-mid-twenties female melodramas where your heroine decides to start smoking, 'just one', with her morning Vodka Tonic.

Maybe I'm not actually missing out on anything.

Good thing that this is just a temporary layover on Hating Fun parade.