Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Second Triple-Axel to the Right

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
This morning I caught my reflection in the mirror at the office, and something about the combination of green cowl-neck sweater, brown suede boots and my bob haircut pulled back with a headband seemed to scream "Peter Pan!".

And then I thought, "huh, you know who I always think of when I think of Peter Pan?"

Dorothy Hamil.

Ergo, logically, I must be rocking a Dorothy Hamil hairstyle.

And that, my friends, is nooo good.


Snowflake said...

You must look like your mother did in 1976, 77.....I loved my Dorothy Hamill haircut. It was called the "wedge" and it was my first grown-up hairdo.

Meg said...

Mom, I'd bet the farm on it. I probably look very much like you did in 1977.

alex said...

do you know what I think of when I think of peter pan? Sven... and lint... because i'm pretty certain those costumes were just glorified dryer lint...

so consider yourself lucky

Carmen (of the P variety) said...

Meg, I was channel flipping this morning and Dorothy Hamil was on an old school rerun of different strokes on Peachtree!
And thanks to this post, I TOTALLY thought of you this morning. HAHAHAHAHA.