Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two Truths and a Lie

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
You know that lame icebreaker game, right? The "tell us three things about you- two true and one false and we'll guess which is which!"

Yeah. It's stupid. I hate it. But I'm afraid that in the near future, icebreaker games such as this will become inevitable, and thus, I prepare. Let's play. Here's a set of things about me in threes- two true and one lie for each group. You pick the lies.

Section A
I have dated:
-a lawyer
-a pilot
-a carpet cleaner

Section B
At the U of C, I took at least one class in:
-Greek and Roman Studies
-Music History

Section C
I've travelled to:

Section D
I've had cats named:

Section E
I used to play the:
-French Horn

Section F
I own at least one cd recorded in the late 1990's/early part of this decade by:
-The Spice Girls
-Backstreet Boys
-The Moffats

Well? Guess.


Lady Rose said...

I'm afriad this might show up my ignorance about Megan's past. But here are my guesses:

Greek and Roman Studies
Backstreet Boys

Well. What's my score?

Anonymous said...

From Toronto...

Carpet Cleaner
Music History
Spice Girls

K Johnson said...

Here's my best shot:

Moffats (I know you have Hanson, but the Moffats as well? I pray not)

How'd I do?

PatZ said...

-lawyer, because they're useless
-Greek and Roman Studies, because that's what watching Gladiator is for
- Alsask, because it doesnt sound like a real word
-Phantom, because Waldo and Dixie seem fine
-Trombone, because two out of three agree
-The Moffats, because they we never even that cool in the 90s.

Breanne said...

Spice Girls

You'd better post answers!!! :)

Meg said...

I'm scoring you. I'll post the answers tonight.

LR: 4/6. Not bad.

Anonymous from the centre of the universe: 3/6

KJ: 2/6

Patz: 2/6

Bree: 4/6. Also, not bad!

Snowflake said...

Here's my answers. Just how well does a mother know her daughter?
Carpet Cleaner (purely a guess)
Greek and Roman Studies (Your dad told you everything you ever wanted to know so you didn't take the class)
Australia (Believe it or not Patz there really is a place called Alsask)
Dixie (I named one of them so this is a "for sure")
Trombone (Although I can't remember the cowbell either)
Backstreet Boys (i think you are a bit too young!)

Meg said...

Oh, Mother. 3/6.

The answers:

1. I've never dated a Lawyer. A student of law, yes, an articling student, yes, but an official, passed-the-bar lawyer? No.

2. I never took Music History. In that subject, my dad taught me everything I'll ever need to know. And then some!

3. Never been to Australia. Alsask is about 30 miles from where I grew up. It's on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. Get it?

4. Where's Waldo and Phantom were the names of my cats. Phantom lived a long life and was the victim of a tragic hit and run; Waldo lived fast, died young, the victim of my father giving one of the local boys a case of beer and some money to take him out back and...sob...Waldo...

5. I don't read the bass clef very well, so you can rest assured that a trombone has never touched my lips.

6. I don't own any cd's by the Spice Girls. I do own a Moffats cd, a Backstreet Boys cd, and yes, Kirsten, more than one Hanson cd. Yeechh.