Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Commuter Malaise

Monday, January 07, 2008
Dear Friends on the Train,

So I know most of you are only slowly eeking your way back into your offices today. You took a few extra days off, ate your body weight in slowly-going-stale cookies, watched some crappy daytime tv. Maybe you spent time with family. Or went skiing. Or to Mexico. Or whatnot. Whatever it was you did, I sure hope you had a great time!

Becaues SOME of us went back to work LAST week. And SOME of us sure didn't APPRECIATE you getting all back-to-work surly on us on the train this morning.

I know adjusting to being back at the grind means that some of the things you learned before the break might need to be refreshed.

So let's recap, shall we?

When the train stops, and it's packed full, but people need to get off at that particular stop, it is in YOUR best interest to let them OFF the train. Because that, my silly little pointy headed friends, means that there is more room for YOU!

When someone is standing beside the door and gets off and steps aside to let others exit the train, but then has the intention to get back on the train and continue their commute, it is not appropriate to shove them aside, barge forward on to the train, and take their spot, making them late for their 8am conference call.

Because that is not polite, boys and girls.

And the next time, she might knee you in the figgy-pudding bloated, cheap polyester-blend suit wearing gut.

Hugs and kisses,


bellini said...

Amen and Here Here! and all that. Sing it sister.

Don't worry- it's Calgary after all- they'll be back to their hyper focused, inhumane robot behavior in no time. Just let the joy of the season of giving rub off them a bit. (Much like dust from Christmas Knick-Knacks) It'll all be alright in the end. (Of February) :)