Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tuesday, January 22, 2008
The number one reason I have to get off my ergonomically supported ass and go to the gym?

The photo on my YMCA membership card.

Dudes. Seriously.

Megan's Head, why do you gotta be so wide like that?

*I realize that hitting the elliptical really can't change the diameter of my massive skull. But maybe. Just maybe.


Allan The Wise said...

I recommend moving my blog from 'Other's Blogs' to 'Things you should read instead of this blog'.

And another thing... 'Bro Al's Blog', no no. It's the intermittent bacchanalian. Not many people know what that means, but they're the two longest words I know, and they should be respected. Furthermore, they're sort of fitting to the blog. Intermittent? Definitely, Bacchanalian, absolutely.

Now, go watch Planet Earth, and try to read the rest of King Lear before you have to read books for school.

Oh wait- that's my plan.


PatZ said...

totally off topic but what did Inspector Gadget do to deserve all the hate?

Lady Rose said...

dude, c'mon. it's been 8 days. you have a reputation to keep up!