Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quadrant Four

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Uh, I cave. If there is anything in this big, scary world that Megans cave for, it's reputation. So even though I have sixteen items on my to-do list, all of which must be completed in the next 26 minutes- and even though the time management course I took on Monday told me that this activity falls under the terrible trap of "Waste & Excess", that is, activities that are neither URGENT nor IMPORTANT...

I will still blog.

So what will I blog about?

Will I tell you that Superbad was, in fact, more hilarious than I expected?

Will I tell you about my aquafit instructor, the Richard Simmons of the Sea, who prefers that we tone our tushies and burn our buns to the throbbing beat of Billy Idol?

How about the fact that it is too cold outside this week to sustain any kind of rational or sane lifeform, and that faced with a post-apocalyptic situation (one that may or may not involve zombies?), I would surely die- and I'm betting that no homemade or improvised flamethrower could save us from -46 degree weather?

Or I could tell you how excited I am to participate in a capital h capital c hardcore bowling tournament this weekend? (What? She bowls? No, I do not)

Hmm. Or I could tell you that despite hours and hours on the treadmill, many sets of 12 with the free weights, a few hours soaking in the steam room, and more lettuce than is available in this frigid country during this season- this massive head of mine is still the same in circumference?

How is that fair?


PatZ said...

skip the tournament and go right for The Big Lebowski.

Meg said...

Just hand over a White Russian and no one gets hurt.

Also? No marmots of any kind in the tub.

bellini said...

i choose to hear about the aquafit.