Saturday, February 23, 2008

And I Already Have Something to Wear

Saturday, February 23, 2008
I'm very excited for Jess and Kirsten, who got engaged today sometime in the 4pm hour. You crazy kids, confirming your commitment to each other with something shiny. Making your shared assets even more legally binding. Etc.

I was so excited when Kirsten called- except for one little thing...I already knew.

I knew that Jess had bought a ring- actually, when Kirsten called to announce her pending honest woman status, I was actually on the phone with Amanda discussing the carat weight and potential question posing date of said ring exchange. And then, because I'm addicted to the frigging internet, of course I was on line and noticed one minor status update from Jess.

The lesson here is: when your friend calls to inform you of a life-changing and monumental event- even if you know about it already because your group of friends is so interconnected/the internet ruins all surprises...don't say "Congratulations!!" before you even say hello!

So anyway, what I'm really getting at, what the point here is... congratulations, kids! I'm so proud of you! And I have the PERFECT all-season, all-occasion dress to wear. From City Hall to Garden Party, that dress is going to cover all bases. So don't go all Black-tie on me, Johnson. My grad dress doesn't fit anymore since I filled out up top.


K Johnson said...

Thank you for the lovely congratulations...even if it did come before I said hello.