Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I caved

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Today, I accused a Coles employee of enabling my addiction.

Let's go back.

Today I went to the gym, went for coffee, met up with a couple of friends for a mid-day chat. All in all, a refreshing and productive day. When we parted ways, I wandered into the mall because I needed to pick up some Buckley's, some cough drops and the newest book club selection, thankfully not involving colonialism or India or colonialism in India.

I quite quickly located the book (Swann by Carol Shields, if you're so inclined to read along) and, as I have all the time in the world today to do things like loiter in bookstores and blog in coffee shops (Higher Ground, if you're so inclined to come say hi), I peeked around.

Peeked around directly into the Young Adult section where I could.not.stop.myself.


I bought book two, teenaged vampires, you're sick of me talking about it already.

I took my selections to the front, where I was met by a suuuuper helpful Coles employee. Holding my shameful addiction up for all the world to see, he asked me if I was aware that the fourth book in the series was coming out in August.

I looked at my feet and mumbled, 'yes'.

He loudly asked me if I would like my name added to the pre-order list.

I looked at my feet and mumbled, 'no thanks'. Obviously trying to hasten the process here, I shoved my MasterCard in his direction and started stuffing the embarassing novel into my bag.

He loudly, and I swear, WITH A SMIRK, asked me "Are you SURE?"

To which I kind of frantically flailed a bit and grabbed a pen, scribbled my name, and in a very high-pitched squeak came out with, 'I'll buy it when I'm READY! Stop pushing your teen fiction on me, okay?! IT"S A GIFT! A GIFT!"

To which he then promptly issued me a gift reciept.

I think I need to drink less coffee...


PatZ said...

smooth. real smooth.

bellini said...

or more vodka.... whichever comes first...

Meg said...

We-eell, more vodka couldn't hurt.