Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please clear this up for me

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
This has been bothering me all day.

What the heck does rotisserie chicken have to do with the Swiss? I've been to Switzerland, and not once did I see a rotisserie chicken. Chicken cutlets and schnitzel and watches and multi-tool knives and chocolate and cows with bells and yodelers, yes.

Rotisserie chicken and sauce?

Not so much.


PatZ said...

I believe that, much like the Pilgrims, the Swiss people who cooked rotisserie chicken in Switzerland were shunned by their fellow Swisserlanders, and to avoid further persecution, voyaged across an ocean to spread their beliefs in restaurants across North America.

bluecentrist said...

doesn't it have to do more with the chalet then the chicken? though i don't understand why eating chicken in a Swiss chalet is supposed to be better then sitting in front of the TV with a bucket of chicken on your lap....mmmm

Meg said...

It saddens me that a) you prefer bucket chicken and b) you think I'm the type of girl who would actually do that. Gross.

I don't even have TV!

bluecentrist said...

oh i wasn't implying that you would do that, just people in general (yes, I've done it), but not in years cause there's no KFC here. And let's be honest, it can only be done with a KFC bucket. Actually, I prefer the coleslaw and potato salads....