Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shouldn't be this hard

Saturday, February 16, 2008
Anyone have any idea how difficult it is to rent a luxury suite for a hockey game?

Seems really easy, right? I will give you xthousands of dollah dollah bills, you give me a tripped-out suite, food and booze in the following cities: Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton.

Seems so simple. Fingers crossed that some (or all) of those teams make the playoffs (except, let's be real here, I've been told that only one of them has a chance and it doesn't rhyme with Schmalgary or Schmancouver).


Amanda In the East said...

In the 8th grade we had assigned seats in French class. The kid next to me copied my French work that whole year, and I let him. Mostly because he was cute, somewhat because I felt sorry for him, slightly because this was the only small form of rebellion I ever engaged in.

He's now a Calgary flame. Maybe it's time to call in a favour. Suite, you say?

Nothing like a little French class blackmail to get our event on track...