Monday, February 18, 2008

A Truncated Long Long Weekend

Monday, February 18, 2008
I took Friday off. It was grand.

Saturday and Sunday? I finished Season One of HIMYM, drank entirely too much sketchy imported vodka and Grasshopper (which was neither sketchy nor imported, but served sort of warm and without lemon...what's the point?!)and shipped off to Toronto this morning.

I realized two things this weekend:


When standing on stage in four inch heels (I'm already a tall lady- so, putting me around 6'1) at the after-hours Korean Karaoke bar, singing an horrific off-key version of the Lulu hit, 'To Sir, With Love', I realized that I was taller, bustier, and looked more like a really unfortunate tone-deaf tranny than anyone else in the room.


You know that scene in Love, Actually at the very beginning? It isn't so much a scene, as a montage/voice-over combination assuring us that Love, actually, IS all around- you only need to go so far as the arrivals gate at the airport.

40 flights or so in the past six months, and not once have I been met at the airport. I don't ask, because why? I'm gone, I come back, it's usually only a matter of days. My company pays for my taxi, so why would I inconvenience someone to drive all the way out to the bloody Airport to pick me up, when I could just arrange my own transportation?

It's just easier to pull my carry-on out of the overhead bin, check the seat pockets for anything I may have left behind, and make my way past the baggage carousel home.

But after being one of few who coudn't raise their hand in the darkened theatre on Saturday night, after being asked the question, "who here has been in love?", maybe it's just top of mind.

Anyway, enough sad sack action for today. If you're looking for me, I'm at my usual hotel chain, ordering my usual cocktail in the hotel bar.


PatZ said...

That's a bad combo, HIMYM and Love Actually. Overdosing on both can only result in the Ted Mosby effect where you become infatuated with being a sad sack.
My advice; overdose on Barney, which can only result in stop being sad sack and start being awesome.
Or something with dayglo tights.

Meg said...

Oh, no worries- tomorrow I am going to SUIT UP! and get my awesome on.

Potentially in dayglo tights. Because if they don't have them here at the centre of the universe, where would they have them?

PatZ said...

the Value Village on 58th Ave.

They have everything anytime. In fact, it's because of them that I can SUIT UP 1940s G-Man style.

Used clothes five! whaaaaat uuuup!!

Meg said...

Sorry, man. I only give high twos.

Meg said...
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