Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alias: Consumer

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Let me tell you about Wanda.

Wanda's the type of girl who looks terrible in yellow. She can rock an ankle-length white sundress that says Vestal Virgin/Greek Bride to be with Three Potential Fathers/Little Whore on the Prairie like no one else. Wanda bats her eyelashes at younger, lumberjack styled fitting room attendants who tell her that she has a pretty name.

Wanda plans to wear a safari romper and a jaunty fedora to a blockbuster premiere this summer- bet you can guess which one.

Wanda doesn't think the cinched waist with belt trend is here to stay.

And Wanda thinks she looks pretty buttalicious in those new jeans. Miracle.


Lady Rose said...

Suzanne is regretting not buying that tube top/sundress thingy. That would have been damn comfy come the hot times.

And they are, truly, buttastic jeans.

Meg said...

Suzanne looked effing hot in that tube top sundress thing. Hot times, they are a'comin', eventually, and maybe that sundress will make it's way to Suzanne's door...

One can never be sure, right?

PatZ said...

Wanda is also a fish.

K Johnson said...

Wanda sounds like my kinda gal.

Meg said...

Wanda is a dichotomy. Or many things. Or whatever the proper word is there, I've been drinking.