Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Not to Pick Up Ladies at Safeway

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
What not to do: yell at the sales clerk because she supposedly improperly scanned in a product. Then, when said sales clerk goes to find someone to run the price check for her, turn to the girl standing behind you and reveal that this is how you get most of your purchases for free- because if you make a big enough scene, usually they'll just give it to you to avoid any further hassle and confrontation!


That's frightening!

The lengths you are going to for free Baby Ivory Soap and Pudding Cups!

Also, please do not reveal to the ladies you are trying to score with during the middle of the day at the grocery store that you are buying that personal lubricant in bulk because it's "on clearance".

That stuff expires.

I know.

I did some research on the subject once, awhile back. Merely for scientific purposes.

And with the success rate you've got going, friend? You probably won't be needing it.

(Why do I keep shopping there?)