Saturday, March 22, 2008

If I Ran the Radio

Saturday, March 22, 2008
I switched radio stations this week. I usually listen to one of the many alterna-classic-rock stations we have here in Calgary; I sort of lost track after they occupied 92.1, 92.9, 90.3, 107.3, and (I'm forgetting one) on the dial.

But this week I was doing some heavy cleaning and Drew downstairs was getting kind of tired of listening to me belt out Greased Lightning using a mop as a microphone. So I switched to the top-40 station.

I don't listen to Top 40 music on the regular. Top 40 is kind of like ironic tshirts blue nail polish vodka specials really high heels froot loops. A sometimes food, heavy with nostalgia and memories of a more innocent time. I don't buy it, usually pass it by for more sensible grown-up options, but once in a while won't kill me, even if it's not exactly the same (I miss simpler, three colours of loops).

Which brings me here (I promise, I have a point, it's not just endless rambling introduction before anything actually happens..).

What business does Rick Dees have still doing the Top 40 countdown? The man has been hosting that show longer than I've been alive. Surely if I feel out of touch with the Kids Today, Mr. Dees must need a team of translators.

Casey Kasem knew better, he handed over the reigns to that American Idol kid awhile back. But Rick. Oh, Rick. Give up the counting down, dude. We can probably find a place for you on the Soft Rock Adult Contemporary stations or something.