Monday, March 17, 2008

Like Spare Parts

Monday, March 17, 2008
It's all the same. The details might change, a tweak here and a slide to the right there, but the words and the feelings, recycled. The conversations run in loop, over and over with minor adjustments for context and modernity, to adjust for current events and systems and beliefs. How many times we say the same things and tell the same stories, 'once, when I was', 'did I tell you about the time', 'you'll never believe this but', spoken aloud complete with a wink and a smirk and, don't forget, the hand gesture sequence and a run of the glass rim with the index finger. Or written down, what's the difference?

It's all the same. I carry them on index cards in my purse like a security blanket but I've run the lines so many times I'm completely off book.


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K Johnson said...

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Meg said...

They like me! They really like me!