Thursday, April 24, 2008

Capital Adventures, Take Two

Thursday, April 24, 2008
I'm sorry, I meant to post this yesterday, but then I got all distracted by my really, really, ridiculously good-looking boyfriend and well...

So the thing I love about life the very most, possibly more than anything else, is brunch. Oh, and breakfast. Big fan of breakfast, too. And every time I go to visit Erin, we have great fantastic fabulous brunches. We went to Cora's TWICE. I love Cora's. There's one here in Calgary, but it's so far south, it's practically in Lethbridge. (But it's worth the drive, right Laurel?)

We also ate delicious bagels from this delicious bagelry near Erin and Marc's. There I had the very best latte I've ever had in my entire life. It was like discovering espresso all over again, except this time, I didn't need to add three spoons of sugar and I wasn't doing it to try to impress the boys from drama club.

We had amazing chinese food that I've already mentioned, delicious cake that Erin made (adding a banana! how novel!) and then we found the perfect post-retirement job for my dad.

Dad, you need to get yourself a part-timer working at the Lonestar Grill, or any tex-mex fajita joint serving frosty margaritas and lots of in-house made tortilla chips. Our server was named Bull, and he reminded me of you so much that I nearly died. I think you'd be really skilled at slinging Margs and taking the chips away from us before we were done with them. Also, we could start calling you Dowg or somesuch nickname in a legitimate way! Also, we would tip you better than we tipped Bull. Promise.

You're going to think that at this point, we pretty much ate and shopped all weekend. Well, you would be right, friend. You would be right.


Laurel said...

Cora's is SO worth the drive. I've been there four times now (just took R&R last week in fact).

Love Cora's!

Meg said...

SO worth it. But even so, I don't think I could convince my parents- even though they're already more than halfway there from Ted and Colleen's!

Oh, so good.

Raymondo said...

You could buy "Dowg" a Mexican sombrero and train Abby to sit on his shoulder. Just a magnet for tips...!