Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I can has birthday? (Subtitled: I'm all growed up now?)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Uggh, even typing that lolcats-esque title line gave me bad grammar chills.

A girl only turns 24 once, and only has one good reason a year to legitimately post adorable photos of herself as a little kid on her blog, so I'm going to seize that opportunity

Once there was a little girl:

Who went through some really awkward patches:

But turned out to be well on her way to becoming a grown-up lady before too long:

And on her 24th birthday, was just completely amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of love and kindness and good wishes she received from good friends and family.

Thanks, everyone. I luff you all very much.

Oh, and one more photo of me looking super cute just for good measure.


Breanne said...

Whoa... good thing that awkward phase ended. Please tell me that was Halloween or dress up day or something of the sort?

Meg said...

Yeah, it was a fierce phase of awkward. And yes, that was just fooling around. Of course I didn't wear long striped socks on my arms every day.




bellini said...


heart- bellini

PatZ said...

ur lolspeak iz teh not so gud. teh ceiling kitthe not gonna be happy wif ur efferts.

Meg said...


Lolspeek hurts Megan's head.

lolcats said...

No wai, lolcats rool 4 evar. Yool get ovr it

i has a bad grammar but itz so kewt. lol.

Meg said...

Nay, friend. Good grammar is like the little black dress of the written word: timeless, appropriate for all occasions, and never goes out of style.