Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moments of Weakness and Temporary Insanity

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I caved today.

Sarah the Roommate and I do not have cable. We haven't had cable since the end of August. So far, it has not been difficult. Not usually. Not under ordinary circumstances. I'd rather read or talk to my friends or run around outside or drink coffee or watch 14 episodes of HIMYM on DVD in a row than sit in front of the tv and flick back and forth through forty stations.

But today I could not take it.

Either I was tired, or it was the snow (again), or my sliding motivation, but I cracked. I played with the rabbit ears in the den until I got clear reception on MTV Canada (weird) and watched 6 hours of crappy 'entertainment and lifestyles-based' television.

My brain hurts and feels useless.

When Sarah passes her big certification exam at the end of May, we are so getting cable.


slendrum said...

hahah one more thing to add to the prize jar!!