Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Megan Trivia!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Yeah, I thought it was about time for some more fun facts that you probably know/don't know/don't care about/are fascinated by regarding the author of this swill. To tell you the truth, Sarah and I ate at Peter's Drive In today, and the ketchup packets had Trivial Pursuit questions on them and I was inspired. Oh, Ketchup.

1. I only like Mayo- and even then, it must be Miracle Whip- in Tuna and Flakes of Ham sandwiches. It is also acceptable when used in a broccoli and cauliflower or curried broccoli salad. But that's pushing it. I will, however, suck it up for a roast beef sandwich from Sunterra, because yum.

2. I'm in charge of utility bills for our dwelling. I divvy them up between our suite and the downstairs folk using good old fashioned long division done by hand, written down right on the back of the bill. I love long division. I also love adding by hand. Okay. I just love elementary math.

3. I rarely open my mail. I get everything twice. I need to see about having the mailbox service cancelled. But that would mean actually calling Shaw, Alberta Energy, Bell...and god, I hate being on hold.

4. I still don't have the balls to do the crossword in pen. Getting there.

5. My favourite beer has fruit in it. Actually, I'm all over fruit beer. However, I also love Ricard's Red and Grasshopper, so there's still hope for me yet.

6. My favourite Mama-B made cookies are crackerjacks, but she wouldn't know that because she has refused on more than one occasion in the past six months to make them for me. Insert major guilt trip slash hint here.

7. My favourite colour is green.

8. When I was in grade four, we were assigned research papers on our favourite animals. You had to have a prop of some kind to bring in to illustrate your presentation. I was planning to write mine on hamsters and bring in my beloved pet. Two days before it was due, Smokey bit the dust. I wrote my paper on Hyenas instead. This marks the moment in time when I realized that I could in fact pull off a project that I'd been assigned several weeks prior in one night. A procrastinator was born at that exact instant.

9. I am most attracted to designs popular in the late Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

10. I currently long to purchase a beach cruiser bicycle. If I am ever again employed, I plan to.

11. I have never been in a wedding. However, in the next thirteen months, I will have done it twice. Bridesmaid suit up!

12. I don't like onions, but I love onion rings. Quite often I will pull the onion out of the batter-ey deliciousness.

13. The next CD I plan to buy is In Rainbows. You may be asking, "Why do you not have this already?" and I have no appropriate answer for you.

14. I enjoy museums more than is healthy. The best one I've ever been to is the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. The Science Centre in Portland is also the awesome. I am all for edutainment. My children will someday hate me.

15. I've never been to: New York, anywhere in Asia, Italy, Seattle, and despite ten trips to Las Vegas: the Hoover Dam.


Snowflake said...

If you will recall one of the reasons we visited the Portland Science Center was because we were looking for edutainment for a child with a broken arm....caused by a fall from a bike, so maybe you want to rethink purchasing a bike!!!

Meg said...

You may recall, for historical accuracy, that I tripped OVER that bike, I did not fall FROM it.

Salad Dressing Boy said...

Um, Mayo is Not Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip is a salad dressing.

Meg said...

Who can resist the tangy zip? Well, I can, unless as specified.

K Johnson said...

Edutainment is my favorite! To the point that people don't enjoy doing fun activities with me as I supply educational commentary through out.

Laurel said...

The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa is AMAZING! The War Museum is equally as engaging.

I also wonder if you wrote your Edwardian/Art Deco comment with me in mind. Ironically, I'm actually designing a 9 foot display with a lot of Art Deco undertones right now.

If you ever want to talk letter kerning and Pantone swatches (particularly 384M ) - you know who to call!

Meg said...

Laurel- I love you, but if you want to debate pantone, you'd be best calling my dear friend Robert. I'm like, "what. It's red. Red and red go together, right? RIGHT?"