Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Tuesday, April 01, 2008
I was really determined to get a solid mope on today.

I had elaborate plans of not getting dressed, listening to the Cure, drawing the blinds and wishing for swift release from the shackles of existance for most of the day.

But then something changed.

Maybe my heart grew three sizes, maybe there was something about the perfection of winnipeg rye toast and strawberry jam, maybe it was the way the sun hit sidewalk and slowly dried them- but I couldn't mope anymore.

I'm exceptionally happy in spite of my unemployment, my pending poverty, rejection from a job I really wanted and a house that seems unable to regulate temperature despite a highly expensive and modern thermostat system.

So I ked'ed up, let my hair dry curly and hit the street. I grabbed a coffee from my usual place, went for a walk in the sun, people-watched, smiled at strange dogs, found a used copy of the book my brother was looking for and purchased it for him, and had a really animated conversation with the girl working at the bookstore about upcoming summer festivals.

I'm surprised by how comfortable I am with what I thought was my biggest failure to date.


PatZ said...

the Cure? what are you? one of the 14 year olds that walk by your house at night?

Meg said...

Dude. Come on. Have you ever tried to get a solid mope on to, say, ABBA?

Lady Rose said...

yeah, that's right. you've just got to relax into it. and enjoy it while you can. because you probably have a mope lurking around the next corner.

Lady Rose said...

hmmmm...that comment was more of a downer than I wanted it to be. let me add on: "everything will work out in the end"

ah, good. much more uplifting.