Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sometimes, I get so close, I can see it from here

Thursday, April 03, 2008
The path to becoming a grown up lady is long and windy.

(I was going to say curvy, but it's too close to being a pun and I mostly hate puns)

There are days when I manage to roast a chicken, clean the bathroom, have stimulating conversations and wear lipstick without coming apart at the seams completely. I've got a nicely-decorated house (thanks, Sarah, for moving in and decorating our house) and table manners that wouldn't make me nervous in front of even the Queen.

But sometimes, there are days like today when the wind and the cold and the responsibility really gets to a girl, and her only option is to revert totally.

There I stood, in Safeway, trying to figure out what kind of veg I should steam to go with the maple-glazed salmon I had planned to prepare for dinner. "Asparagus? Broccoli? Broccoli Rabe? (what IS that, anyway?)"

And I turned on my three-inch heels and clicked away. Away to the land of beaners and weans, what my dad would make for dinner when Mom was out of town or at a meeting.

Beaners and weans (uh, quite obviously, hot dogs and baked beans, for the remedial students among us) was (and I assume, still is) a Dad standby.

And that's what I'm currently eating. In my grown-up lady coordinated outfit, with my grown up lady manicure and my grown up lady placemats and centrepiece.

I get so close. So, so, so close. And then, so far.