Monday, April 21, 2008

Things required to make Rice Pudding

Monday, April 21, 2008
maybe some raisins

Sadly, I have no milk and don't really feel like trudging through the snow and cold to go get some. Though, rice pudding would warm me up. And I have about 4 cups of cooked rice just hanging out, ready to be used.

I hate winter. I hate winter: redux even more.


PatZ said...

might I make an observation? you have some quantity of cooked rice ready to be used.
one may then ask, why not simply warm up this rice and consume said rice which in turn would provide the warmth that you so wish to have.

Lady Rose said...

I think we all know that rice is not the same as rice pudding. Nobody turns to rice as comfort food. Pudding on the other hand? Full of comfort.

Loving Winter said...

Winter Cheer:

Winter, winter, that's our season,
Makes people miserable for no reason!


Winter Haiku:

Snow blowing icy cold,
Winter without end? A joy.
Whining makes it so.

Breanne said...

Epic blog ou est tu???

And now I want rice pudding... which I'm not even a real fan of. Odd.