Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two in one day! Additional points worth mentioning

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When it is snowing and slushy and raining and above zero, and you are driving along, and you see a young lady in a business suit and heels walking carefully down the driest part of the street, please for the LOVE OF LAWNCHAIRS do NOT speed up and splash her! She is on her way to a job interview! She is merely trying to become gainfully employed! She does not appreciate your asshattery!


Why does everyone assume that everyone in Calgary drives? I don't. I know several people that don't. I love the people that do and are oh-so-kind enough to chauffer my transit-impaired ass around, but seriously. It's not actually that difficult to get around this city without vehicular modes of transportation. So please stop assuming that everyone is driving somewhere. Because I'm not. And now I've got to walk six blocks soaking wet in what used to be a really nicely turned out business suit and heels. Let's not even talk about what my hair looks like.


Just because you need a reminder, oh friend of mine considering a modeling career:

If you EVER pose in an alley beside a car in just your underpants, we are FRIENDS. OFF.

Love and kisses!

I'm going to go towel off now and make some grilled cheeses and veggable soup. I sincerely hope to be less ranty tomorrow.


K Johnson said...

The snow this morning made me arrive 30 min. after school started, on the day of a field-trip to the zoo. Whine, whine, whine.

I'm done now.