Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up for Popular Vote

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Yesterday Amanda and I were having an involved conversation about Other People's Children, which progressed into a conversation about Other Children's Parents and Super Psycho Mommies of many varieties: Urban Power Mommy, Vegan Hipster Mommy, Crazy Commune Mommy...

Okay, stop. This post should not indicate to you that at any point in the near or even distant future am I planning to join any of those above mentioned groups. In fact, the jury is still out on whether I'll ever attempt to join those clubs. I would, however, like to apply for Super Cool Honorary Auntie positions as they become available. I will forward you my resume. I will finger paint with your toddler using chocolate pudding. I will buy them sugary substances and outrageously expensive Disney Princess dresses and take them for tea at the Palliser and to pet the (less harmful) animals at the zoo- providing I ever find employement, of course.


So then we started talking about child names. And this is where the popular voting and interactive content part of my blog comes into play.

Would Ender not be a sweet name for a child?

Hellooo, little Ender would have an entire group of Gen X/Y teachers, doctors, strangers on the street, ballet instructors, playmates parents, etc. totally cooing awesome over that name.

(If you're thinking that I mean Ender as in, 'You are the End of all things good in my life, oh beginnings of my tiny Brood of Failure, you", then you would be mistaken and need to brush up on your scifi-fantasy references)


Your comments are muchly appreciated. Ender Modern-Lastname, yes or no?


Anonymous said...

I totally understand the reference (duh! It's one of your fave books!) and I think that if the world is ready for children named Rumour, Apple, Suri, etc....they should have no problems accepting Ender. Besides, it's about 50 times more normal to name your child after a beloved book than random items from the fruit bowl on your coffee table. Two thumbs up!


Chewie said...

You realise someone will pronounce the name as End-door (Endor-the planet with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi) and mock your child horribly...especially if they end up short or hairy...or short and hairy. Of course, being evil, I'll be at the front of that parade of evilness and mockery.

Yub nub.

Eche wa wa

PatZ said...

damn, beaten to the Star Wars gag... about they add a B and make him into an alcoholic, smoking robot?

Lady Rose said...

well, I'm supportive of your little Ender. I think him/her and Chasm will be very happy playing together.

Snowflake said...

As the grandmother of this child I would have to say I prefer the more traditional names. If you recall some of the stories we have told about choosing names before your arrival one name considered was Mookie (after an Expos baseball player). Now think about it, aren't you glad you aren't Mookie!