Monday, April 14, 2008

You May Be Too Comfortable In The Homes of Your Friends When

Monday, April 14, 2008
Your roommate calls you at 4 pm and asks where you are, and you say, "On my way home. I'll see you later, right?"

But what you really meant was, "On my way to Jon and Amanda's home. I'll see you later, right?"

Because then when your cell phone battery dies and you're watching an eight o'clock start hockey game and you don't even think about it, and your roommate is so worried that 7 hours later, you haven't shown up, and she may start calling the local hospitals thinking you've been in an accident or died.

I'm so lucky, you know this- that I have enough people in my life that care about me to call the hospitals when I don't show up where I'm supposed to be.

Sorry, Sarah. I didn't mean to scare you!


Lady Rose said...

poor Sarah! the things you put her through (though always completely by accident)!

PatZ said...

this is what too much Jag does to you.