Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 05, 2008
To celebrate this Mexican holiday I know nothing about and am far too lazy to even wikipedia-reference, I propose that the day is spent drinking caffeinated beverages and finding excuses to leave the house in yoga pants!

I have a rule. No yoga pants/sweat pants/workout or gym attire outside of the house or the gym, unless en route to the gym. No going for a power smoothie on Saturday morning in a cute little matching lululemon outfit, or picking up groceries in sneakers and a tshirt or even going to the airport in leggings for this one. No, gym clothes are for the gym.

But in recent weeks, when I've had absolutely no reason to get dressed and leave my house except to go to the gym on most week days, I've started to weaken.

"Imagine the laundry you would save! Better for the environment!"

"But you are so comfortable! Does not Megan want to be comfortable?"

"Come ON! That 'outfit' is so cute. Don't the people outside of the YMCA deserve to see it?"

But the only time I've caved is today. When I went for a walk. Because I figure, even if a walk involves window shopping and potentially a latte pitstop, it is still a walk. And therefore some form of gym-like exercise. And thus it is appropriate to leave one's house in yoga pants.

Help me. I need a job. Post haste.