Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Two: How to avoid toner stains on your nice new grown up lady outfits

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
I survived my first day. I was even taken out for lunch! How nice. And as I don't have a photocopier code yet, no need to stress about using the xerox.

However. In the past, it has been my policy to avoid learning to use the photocopier to prevent myself from being stuck as office photocopier slave. In an office of several hundred, this was not a problem at all. People would ask, "Hey, Marcy..Mary...Morgan...Oh! Right. Your nameplate. Right here, above your desk...Megan! Can you make twelve copies of this for me, even though it is clearly not your job by any stretch of the imagination?"

To which I would smile and say, "I'm sorry. I don't even really know where the photocopier is..."

But in an office of nine people, playing dumb is going to be difficult. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that a) someone would forget my name and b) someone would forget what I do and c) someone wouldn't want a break to photocopy their own documents.

However, my other mad skills, those things I am really good at that other people might not be or might be confused by or might not like to do, that are yet to be named aloud? Those I will continue to hide under my bushel. Because no one likes being stuck as the unofficial IT guy.

I guess, unless you own something like, oh, say, four computers and five monitors and have them prominently displayed in your living room. Then you might really like that. And in that case, power to you. Power to you indeed.


Gary said...

I have the same opinion that a chance to get away from my desk is nice however my frequent excuse to get away is to shred something rather than copy it. However I don't know what you’re getting at by your final paragraph, nope not at all.

Laurel said...

This is so ironic.

Literally, while I was reading your blog, not only was I asked to scan something (sorry, no can do) but our webmaster (and un-official IT guy) also had someone knock on his door!

Hope all is going well with the new position.

Lady Rose said...

I'm the "can you turn this into a pdf for me" girl in the office. and, oddly, today I became the "can you tell me what gate a flight from Seattle would be landing in" girl.

basic internet competance is a curse I tell you.

Breanne said...

I personally LOVE the people that ask you to un-pdf something. Um, sure, just as soon as you un-print that.
And I definitely play computer dumb... unless I like you. And then you better not tell anyone else that I can fix things or you're cut off.