Friday, May 30, 2008


Friday, May 30, 2008
Dear Weather,

Why? Srsly. I was walking along all skippy and happy about meeting my friend for lunch, and you had to go and do that. Now I'm sitting at my desk in wet pants and a cold wet short sleeved hoodie and a wet tshirt that might win a contest given the opportunity and wet shoes with cute flamnigos on them and let's not even start on my hair, okay?

Miserably yours now that the sun has returned and I'm no longer trapped outside in the torrential monsoon,


ps- shiver. if I get hypothermia and die it is totally your fault.


K Johnson said...

Dear Weather,

Ditto. Out for lovely lunch with the work ladies, followed up with wet cotton blouse, and uncomfortably soggy strappy sandals (don't get me started on the hair) :(

Mother Nature said...

Dear Megan,

Sorry about the rain. I'll send snow next time.


Mother Nature

PatZ said...

A hoodie, eh? I could have sworn that someone was adamant about them being referred to as something else...