Thursday, May 01, 2008

Iced Tea, No Lemonade.

Thursday, May 01, 2008
If I was to make for you a classic pros and cons list about my existence at this moment in time, the pros side would be pretty long.

-The air smells like cupcakes.
-My landlady is not as crazy as she used to be.
-I woke up to birds chirping.
-The girl at the used book store who is more dippy than hippy but wears both well cut me a deal on my used trash paperback novel.
-The sun is shining.
-I have friends who love me.
-I'm so happy that I sometimes wonder if I'm delirious or have been committed and heavily drugged or have died and this is what the afterlife feels like and somehow Saint Peter didn't catch several years of indiscretions.
-The people at the Y recognize me because I spend so much time there (no reduction in the size of my head, sad to report).

The cons list really is only one point long, so it's not worth mentioning. You all know, you're astute blog readers, and I love you all for it. But here it is anyway:

-Drew and Tynesha aren't home and so I can't do laundry and I'm out of clean socks.


Kathleen said...

I find it odd that birds are on your pro list. I woke up to birds the other morning - I threw stuff at them. Of course it was 4:45 am. And they were trying to mate or something...

Meg said...

The truth is, I woke up around 4:30 or so and was all, "are they playing music downstairs? wtf?" but then realized it was birds and a warm wave of "aaah, spring" washed over me.

I'm sappy.