Wednesday, May 07, 2008

listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Two people today have asked me if I'm okay. Both of them very close friends.

Am I grumpy? Stressed? Frustrated? No, none of these things. I'm not mopey, nor am I sad, or angry. I don't have a headache, nor am I particularly tired. I'm feeling off, a bit out of sorts, mildly homesick (which is strange) and slightly useless, but that will pass.

I suppose I usually feel things and express myself in Technicolour. If I'm out of it, I'm really out of it. (Please reference the Great Funk of 2006.) If I'm happy, I'm ecstatic. (Please reference...well, any time I've had more than 2 and less than 7 drinks, most weekends in the past two months, Christmas, and the day I convocated.) As such, I can understand that this Megan in Greyscale is somewhat off-putting.

But it will pass.


Diving Diva said...

Hey Megan,
Now with the looming onset of more snow today, maybe the smell of apple crisp should be in the air. How many more roastbeef and mashed potatoe dinners can we take. Please, bring on the spring! Megan, just smile!