Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Favourite of the Never-Ending Frustrations

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Oh, just in time for the six hundred and oneth post, a Calgary Transit related rant. Contented sigh.

Dear Users of Calgary Transit,

It is customary when exiting the bus to allow those in front of you off first. Like on an airplane.Those closest to the door may exist first, then alternating left and right until those passengers seated in the back row of have deplaned (debussed?).

It is not customary to be a jackass and push to the front, flicking your fancy Zippo that Daddy bought you when he was on holiday in the Dominican with his secretary and not his wife, who may or may not be your mother, it's really none of my business, nearly lighting the hair of an elderly lady on fire.

Elderly ladies wear a lot of polyester, and it's flammable.

Those of us who are old and crusty and seated near the front of the bus just thought you'd like to know,


ps- you look like a moron, put on regularly sized pants.