Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day Two: No Starbucks

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
So far, things are...actually not so bad. Last night I almost cracked. I so desperately needed a lift to get through the Meeting That Would Never End, but no. I made it. Barely.

What is it with this city and crosswalks? I nearly get hit by a large automobile mid-crosswalk on a daily basis.

So maybe that's why a Traffic...Dude (what's the male equivalent of Meter Maid? Meter Butler? Meter Man? Don't know) stopped mid-crosswalk, pivoted, sort of squatted like he was a cowboy in a gunfight, and raised his hand palm out to stop me from hitting him in a crosswalk.

Dude. I had come to a complete stop. I am aware that it is both illegal and impolite to hit pedestrians. I am aware of this, thank you. I took Drivers' Ed.

Plus, if I was really determined to barrel through that crosswalk and take you down?

No self-important palm out patrol-guard style stance could stop me.

Neither could that ridiculous hat. Take that off. I feel terrible for you. You look like a moron. Someone should write the city about the uniforms our civil servants are required to wear.


Kathleen said...

Oh Megan... you are always good for a laugh in the morning. Thanks.

Snowflake said...

Just because you came from a small town that had no pedestrians doesn't mean Calgary doesn't, right???

Meg said...

True, even though that was the excuse I used that one time I was pulled over in high school for not stopping for a child on a skateboard.