Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ha! Take that, Nature!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Oh, Nature, you wily hosebeast you. You thought you could ruin my day again, didn't you? But you were WRONG.

Because even though I arrived at the office this morning with hair sopping wet, umbrella inside out and wet, wet, soaked entirely through shoes (and ergo, wet, wet, cold feet), you did not get the best of me.

Oh no.

Because I get a little something called a lunchbreak.

And during said lunchbreak, I acquired a pair of warm socks, an umbrella that was rightside in, and the best thing ever....


So take THAT!

Because now you can rain all you want, Nature! I am PREPARED! Hit me with your best June showers, BRING it ON.

I'll be the one in the black coat with the black umbrella and the black and white rain boots, jumping in mud puddles and laughing hysterically.

Mwa. Hahaha. Ha.


Snowflake said...

Being prepared with a rain coat, umbrella and rubber boots can only mean one thing.....dry weather for the next three months.

Meg said...

That's what I'm hoping...