Monday, June 02, 2008

A second, bonus, just special for you because I luff you so much post

Monday, June 02, 2008
Actually, I kind of just wanted to whine, and what do I do best if not whine on my blog?

It's Monday. I had a phenomenal weekend. Birthaversaries were celebrated, beer was drank, cake was eaten more than once, SaTC was viewed and it was surprisingly was a good weekend. But for every good, action-packed weekend of awesomeness comes a Monday morning of tired ass dragging.

Last night it was discussed how much an additional day of weekend would be appreciated. A whole day to do nothing, just relax and unwind and not speak to other humans outside of the house using full sentences and maybe not even while wearing real pants. Also, perhaps brunch would be involved.

Where is this additional bonus day of laze now, eh?

While I don't seem to have the problems I used to have when getting out of bed in the morning, I sure didn't want to this morning.

Oh, well. 4 more sleeps and it's the weekend again.

This is how life is measured. Sort of sad, but sort of reassuring. I can count on one hand the days until I'll be filled with the wonderment of weekend bliss yet again. And I bet it'll be good.


Lady Rose said...

But the weekends are all the more blissful when you've had to work to appreciate them, no?

Meg said...

True. Weekends definitely mean something now, as opposed to just two more days to loll about and wait for the phone to ring offering me money and a place to xerox things.