Friday, June 20, 2008

Updated: Dentist, not so bad.

Friday, June 20, 2008
I have found the yuppiest dentist ever. I love it. Also, this is one really good case where my Saskatchewan connections resulted in me suffering less pain as opposed to more pain.

Yes, my dentist (well, the other dentist in the practice, not my dentist, who btw is a really nice, young-ish lady dentist, so fears of weird old men putting their fingers in my mouth are banished!) is from Yorkton, the motherland, where my mother is from. He knew my uncle. My new hygenist is from Melville. That's where my aunt is from. This means nothing to most of you.

But what it meant to me is that they are almost like family; family who are concerned about how little you floss and let you get away with waiting until your dental insurance kicks in to remove two (TWO!) wisdom teeth, one of which is actually cracked in half. Expensive.

So thank you, new, Yuppy, if we did enough research I'm sure we'd discover that we actually are related somehow dentist. I feel like bringing you a dainty tray and giving you a hug.

Well, not quite a hug. Maybe just a dainty tray.


Carmen said...
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carmen dubya said...

AHEM!!! Names please?!?! If you're not related, I sure might be! I even have a dental hygienist cousin. Who knows... maybe this is the time we finally figure out we're actually related.

MD said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the always wise Carmen W. Who were these Parkland Dental savants?

Meg said...

Dr. S Yaholnitsky and one un-named hygenist. She was blonde. I was in fear, so I can't remember. I'll get her name next time!