Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frugal is such an ugly word

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Today, someone in my office offered to buy me a Starbucks beverage.

I said no.

Now, normally, this would be a matter of concern; Two months ago I would have checked myself into the nearest Medicentre. (Which for my convenience, happens to be only three blocks away and they're really speedy during the lunch rush)

Do you know what this means, Internets?! This means that I am officially over my Starbucks addiction. I am mere weeks away from becoming the proud owner of a Luxury Vacation Home with the money I have saved!

Actually, my next task in the money-saving - okay, I'll be honest, at this point it's a money-not-spending challenge - is to give up buying lunch.

I don't buy lunch every day. I used to buy lunch every single day. Breakfast, too. No wonder I never had enough money at the end of a pay period. So now, I'll reduce to treating myself to that Coop Salad Bar with Amanda once a week or so.

Soon, Internets, soon, I will be getting a year-round tan in my three-bedroom seaside condo in Boca Raton.

Is there sea in and around Boca Raton? I don't know. I'm upset that Estelle Getty died and that seems like a good place to go wallow in sorrow and happy, peach-hued wicker furniture memories.


Anonymous said...

The book I'm reading is set in Boca Raton and they mention water front near-by! So I would say that there is a beach of some sort at least walking distance away!


Snowflake said...

Was checking my blog and noticed that you had a project for me now that I am retired, but the entire link didn't show up so I guess I won't be able to create something for you to use in your Boca Raton home by the beach that would be a great place for you to look after your aging parents in.

K Johnson said...

Did you know that Boca Raton means mouth of the rat? Just a fun fact for you. Oh, and yes I do believe there are beaches in Boca.

Meg said...

Oh, Snowflake!
Here's the link.

Mouth of the Rat seems like an appropriate place for me to move to. Rat's Mouth Manor is what I will call my home. And I will have servants and make them wear rat ears and noses. Oh, how I will beloved across the land.

Raymondo said...

I drove through Boca Raton in April and unless they have moved the Atlantic Ocean, it is indeed near the beach.

bluecentrist said...

I'll miss Estelle Getty too :(