Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Like paper dolls! But with less paper! And less fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The Laundry pile chez moi has reached epic proportions.

So much so that I have nothing to wear to ye olde pubbe for wings tonight. Well…almost nothing. Much like the days when I’d show up for my 9:30 Thursday morning marketing classes in a gold sequined tank top and a green polar fleece jacket, I make do with what I’ve got. Here are my options:

Hot pink terry romper, white knee socks, pink bunnyhug. Because I always get cold.

Black cocktail dress I wore to my convocation, sparkly red hooded cape.

Yoga pants, uber-sexy neon orange “Saskatchewan: Hard to Spell, Easy to Draw” tshirt, purple flip flops.

Two-piece bathing suit.

Blue and white Apres-ski-style wool sweater and floral print sarong.

So! Which of these sultry ensembles is least likely to embarrass my roommate, the friends of my roommate, and the man I so artfully conned into being my sig.oth.?


CW said...

yoga pants and SK t-shirt!!! maybe throw in the cape from black dress ensemble for good measure

Snowflake said...

I think you should stay home and do laundry. It would be far less embarrassing. And then you will have a greater choice of outfits for your next outing so that you don't look like the leftovers from stampede week.
go with yoga pants and SK t-shirt.

K Johnson said...

Is the gold sequined tank top and green fleece an option? Cuz that sounds hawt.

Meg said...

Tragically, I gave the gold sequined tank top and green fleece to charity. I had to share the joy, y'know?

Lady Rose said...

how are you at this point in your laundry cycle again?!?!? I swear that just last week you managed to successfully complete several loads of laundry. there's some crazy alternate universe/black hole something or other going on in your laundry basket.

Anonymous said...

This is late...but I'm with CW. yoga pants and sk shirt! All the way!!