Monday, July 07, 2008


Monday, July 07, 2008
I'm not so keen on this regular-length workweek thing we've currently got going on here. Sure, there's enough to jazz it up right- like tonight's yoga class, some mid-week downtown dinner plans, and potentially a few loads of really clean laundry- because laundry is, as Amanda says, always an emergency situation as far as I'm concerned. I am so exciting that sometimes I can't even believe it.

In fact, I've currently discovered that not only is the skirt I put on this morning actually about a size and a half too large, to the point where if I am not careful when I stand up, it's going to be Free Show time in my office, it also has one of my trademark supicious yogurt stains on it (I actually think it's from the yogurt I just consumed because the skirt is CLEAN, or it was, until about 3 minutes ago).

See? Nothing but exciting.