Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Post of the Beast

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
This post is numbered such that I feel iffy posting it. So instead, I shall turn this into a list! Ah, the lazy blogger's trusty standby. Like dry toast for dinner. Cheap, easy, filling, moderately un-satisfying. That's what I'm here to provide for you. Blog filler, now with no added margarine.

Things I don't know how to do, and yet keep trying, like a moron. A committed moron.

French braid my hair.
Poach eggs.
Wear a pencil skirt. (Not happening, but I try, every single year. Damn you, Hips)
Open a container of yogurt without mysteriously spilling on myself but not noticing until a few hours later.
Apply black pencil eyeliner without looking like a gothic second-string football player who moonlights in an emo band and spends Saturday nights doing body shots at the local nightclub.
That yoga pose involving balancing on one foot while keeping your forehead to your shin. Or something. It hurts. I always fall out of it. Oh, my poor self-esteem.


Lady Rose said...

maybe we should try to french braid each other's hair. that seems easier than trying to french braid your own hair.

next coop lunch date will double as a french braid date.

PatZ said...

dont forget: "give up reading teenage vampire smut"

Meg said...

Can we french braid each other's hair while reading teenage vampire smut?

Kathleen said...

I can teach you to french braid your hair! 15 years of dance class and the ability to french braid my own hair is all I retained... sigh.

Lady Rose said...

the person who is being french braided will read out vampire smut to the braider.

hmmm...do I sense an activity that can be done whilst waiting for a midnight book release?