Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summertime, and the bloggin' is not so easy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Oh, woe. How I could go on about how *exhausting* it is sometimes to come up with *unique* and *interesting* blog posts and how I feel so exposed to society and probably, if i really put my mind to it- I mean, I've got like an hour and forty-five minutes left in the work day and I've already accomplished so much by counting bloody jingle bells for the better part of two hours; solid use of my commerce degree and an even more solid use of the time some organization is required to pony up more than $25 an hour for!- I could go on in an existentially themed crisis post.

You know.

What does it (and by it, I mean this blog) all mean?! Why do we do (and by do I mean blog) this? And it would probably feature several really difficult to read run on sentences.

But I will spare you, dear blog readers! Because every time I go off on some semi-serious rant, I get no comments.

And I do this for the comments.

I'm a shameless attention whore. This should come as a surprise to none of you.

So instead, I shall tell you that I saw NIN last night at the 'dome, on the floor, and it was pretty rocksauce awesome.

Even though I've probably permanently damaged all of my remaining hearing because *someone* thought it was dorky to wear earplugs.

Yeah, well, sixty years from now, that someone is going to have to listen to me nag even louder because I live for nothing more than to hear the sound of my own voice. Nagging.

mwaha, sucker.

Also, I'd post photos, but due to the great Soda in the Handbag incident of 2008, I have no camera. So no awesome displays of Trent Reznor excellence featuring enough lights to make your head e'splode!


Lady Rose said...

omg. please don't turn into my MIL.


Meg said...

Point taken. Mental note: less pitchy, more out and out volume.