Friday, August 01, 2008

Procrastinatory Internet Suveys!

Friday, August 01, 2008
Yeaaah, I couldn't think of twenty more random things about me that quite honestly, you already know or could care less about. So here. I'm fillin' this out. Facebook-style, but not on facebook, because it creeps me out that kids I babysat for in their infancy use that website and post pictures of themselves in their underwears. (Hypothetically.)

how big is the age gap between you and your siblings?
There are two years between Sibbie and I. I'm older.

what make up do you wear daily?
Does moisturizer count? I usually put on mascara. And lip balm.

what is your favorite scent?
Clean laundry, vanilla, and as much as I loathe to admit it publicly, one particular type of axe body spray. The one that doesn't smell like frat boy. Whichever one that is.

what did you do yesterday?
I was 30 minutes late for work. I drank drip coffee with powdered coffee whitener in it. I did four crossword puzzles; two on my lunch break and two while I ate a pizza pop for dinner. I went to Gary's and watched him nap. I read half a novel. I ate chicken fingers at Brewster's. I slept.

have you ever been searched by the cops?
Nay, I have not been searched. I have been stopped for: driving like I'd gotten my license the day before (truth), not stopping for a pedestrian ("but officer, the town I'm from is so small, we don't HAVE pedestrians!"), having "expired" license plates ("Ma'am, your plates expired on the Eight of August", "Officer, that's August of '08."), running a yellow light during a snowstorm, and for being hottractive.

who is in the picture frame closest to you?
Gary and I.

who was the last person to call you?
Angie, from her cell phone.

what should you be doing right now?
Signing off on printer proofs.

would you leave the house without wearing make up?
Haha. Ha. Did I today? Yes. Will I tomorrow? Highly likely!

what is your all time favorite movie?
High Fidelity. It is responsible for my relationship. Sorta.

what are you doing after this survey?
Grumping. Then approving printer proofs.

would you ever get plastic surgery?
No. Not unless I was in a terrible disfiguiring accident, or gave birth and experienced sag. (KIDDING ON THE LAST BIT!)

what is your favorite pringle flavor?
Regular, though I'm not fond of pringles. As we all know, I am a plain ripple chips kinda gal.

what color nailpolish are you wearing?
Nothing on my fingernails, but my toenails are a sassy coral, named something like Don't Santorini-tease me.

most visited webpages?
Gmail, Facebook, my own blog

what time did you wake up today?
Later than I'm going to admit.

what is your favorite dessert?
Fruit pizza.

who is your best friend of the opposite sex?
Robert Hein.

what are your obsessions?
Flamingos, grammar, the new york times crossword puzzle, bad teenaged vampire smut written by a mormon lady, david tennant, having soft skin, coffee.

Have you ever called 911?
By accident once at the stampede.

have you taken any pictures today?
No, all photo taking has been put on hold due to the Soda in the Handbag Incident of 2008.

best thing to eat for breakfast?
Corn pops with rum and coke. No? Not appropriate? Okay, breakfast is my favourite thing, but I usually eat plain yogurt with berries and all bran. Mmm. Healthy. Fibre. Yummers.

what movie do you want to see right now?
Quantum of Solace.

Who's birthday is coming up?
Geeeez. I don't know!

What is your natural hair color?
It is brown. Soon it will be brown with special natural highlights! Yes, I am a future silver fox.

what are you allergic to?
Contact solution.

Do you think Anna Nicole killed herself?
Wtf, survey? This doesn't fit in!

Is your bathroom usually messy?
It goes in fits and starts. I love cleaning the bathroom, but I have so many damn bathroom products that it's hard to keep things in order. I see a purge in my future.

what is the longest you have ever camped for?
10 days? 3 weeks? I don't know, I seem to have memories of camping ALL SUMMER, but know that's probably not realistic.

if you had to get a tattoo, where would you get it?
I'm not getting a tattoo. But if held at gunpoint, I'd get it right on my forehead saying "I was held at gunpoint and all I got was this damn tattoo"

last thing you downloaded?
An attachment. It was a powerpoint presentation. I'm a renegade like that.

whats in your drawers?
The ones right beside me? Files. Files and files and files and files and hand lotion. And shoes.

best halloween costume you ever wore?
Little Mermaid. Hands down.

which one of your friends has the most distinct laugh?
Oooh, this is tough. My mom.

small or big purse?
My purses are always supremely large. But lately, my shoulder doth protest so soon it shall be itsy-bitsy purses for me. Also to help avoid any future Soda in the Handbag incidents.

are you a good story teller?
Depends on what story and who is listening.

who is in the house with you right now ?
aHA! I am in the office!

what does your dad call you?
Megan. Meg. Assorted and sundry derivatives of "megan"

what does your mom call you?
See above.

do you believe in ghosts?
No, but I do believe that The Ring was the scariest movie on the planet and just thinking about it makes me want to cry and takes hours off my life.

what shoes did you wear today?
Pink keds. Casual friday. Which doesn't explain how I got away with them on Wednesday.

where are you going on your next vacation?

Are most of your friends guys or girls?
Split pretty evenly, I think.

where have you lived most of your life?
18 years in Eatonia, 6 years in Calgary.

where do you see yourself in four years?
Wow. Four years. In four years I'll be coasting downhill into 30, so I hope I'm still alive at that point. I have an idea of where I would like to be in 2012, but you know what? You'll have to ask me in person because I'm not airing it out here on the old blag for everyone to see and fate to muck up.

Are you moody?
Yes. In fact, I'm moody RIGHT NOW.

have you ever liked someone and not told them?
Uh, only about a hundred zillion million times.

have you ever gone to a nude beach?
Yes, I have.

have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
Oh, have I ever. Especially when describing certain sleeping habits of certain individuals. SHOOOMP!

have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober person ?
Yeah, but not recently.

have you ever lied to your parents?
Is this a trick question? Did I eat my brother's toffefees? YES, okay, I DID, now let my conscience REST!

have you ever been out of Canada?
Yes, and I've even been off the continent! Wowzers!

when was the last time you slept for more than 12 hours?
Last weekend, or maybe the one before that...

realize anything new today?
Not yet, but the day is young. And tonight, we Fringe. I will probably realize that I hate theatre. It's coming. I can feel it.

miss someone today?
Not yet. But thanks, now that you've mentioned it...

Do you ever just get sick of life?
Not sick of living, but sometimes I get bored of the life I'm leading. Not recently, mind you.

Would you like to move to another state when you're older?
Do you mean of mind? Because yes, when I am older, I would like to be sane. And grow roses and make jams and make dinners that have nothing to do with toast.

Have you ever watched ' Power Puff Girls'?
Yes, I have.

How about 'Dexter's Laboratory'?
Loooved it.

What is your current pet peeve?
Foam mattresses.

Do you like jazz?
Yeah, but I'm not that educated, so it's intimidating.

Are you obsessed with vampires?
no comment.

Do you believe in UFOs?

Have you ever watched 'The X-Files'?
I have a few times experienced The X-Files. I keep meaning to change that, but oh, how much I have to watch before then.

Are you afraid of deep water?
In pools, no. In lakes and oceans, yes. Ogopogo, anyone?

Do you sometimes feel like breaking someone's face?
No, not usually. Kicking them in the junk randomly on the street and then having a Charlotte York moment? (See SATC The Movie for details, but not when she's in Mexico, no one wants that to happen to them...) yes sir!

If you owned an island, what would you name it?
Boca Raton. What? That's already taken? Bastards...

Does classic rock do anything for you?
Yes, it does several things for me. Including but not limited to causing massive singalongs and car dancing.

Do you hate anyone?
It's tough to say. I think I'm mellowing in my old age.

Are you a good speller?
If I am not, don't tell me.

What's your worst habit?

What song are you currently listening to?
I am listening to "Paper Shredder" by "Hits of the Office"

Would you ever give your number out over the internet?
Depends on who I am giving it to. Just to the internet? No thanks!

Whats your shoe size?

Do you love someone?
Yes. All you need is love.


Lady Rose said...

axe body spray? I guess Kathleen was right. You can never really know someone else. I thought I knew you Megan.

K Johnson said...

If your meals have nothing to do with toast then what are you going to do with all that jam?