Monday, August 18, 2008

"Snowball in Hell" To-Do list

Monday, August 18, 2008
I have a very special section on my to-do list mousepad. It's a pre-manufactured, 5-days a week tearoff notepad divided into several sections to make organizing my worklife (and homelife) easier. It does work for me, but I'm a list-maker by nature.

Anyway, this special little box in the bottom right-hand corner, right beside "This Weekend" and "Next Week" is labelled "Snowball in Hell".

And currently my list of things to do that may or may not get done this calendar year is too long for the box.

So I shall put it here.

1. Get rid of half of my stuff. Approximately. This means cleaning out closets, purging my shoe collection (*sob*), sorting through textbooks and notebooks and binders and workbooks, and getting rid of the three thousand spoonulas I own thanks to many different roommates and many different moves.

2. Find a family doctor. I don't have a family, but that's what they call them here.

3. Take out the recycling. This would get done on weekends, but I'm usually busy watching someone else make waffles. And then eating them.

4. Go back to school. This is probably going to linger here for decades because a) I can't afford it and b) I don't know what I would take exactly.

5. Pay off my debt (ha), sustain a realistic budget (probable) and buy property (double ha)

6. Switch cell phone carriers

7. Clean out my inbox (both physical and virtual)

I'm sure that more exists in this box, but for now, those are the persistant, never-going-away tasks I need to someday find time for. Eventually.

Siiiiigh. I'm going to go cross 'write blog post' off my list now.


PatZ said...

8. Read Grown Up vampire books.

Lady Rose said...

ooooooo! Purging stuff. Do it! You'll feel so much better afterwards.

...if only we were the same shoe size...

Meg said...


I have no idea what to do with dozens of pairs of size 8.5-9 shoes. I feel bad throwing them out.

cw said...

are they nice shoes? i'll take them!

Meg said...

Sure! I'll put them in a box and put them aside for you.

OR! I'll take pictures of them and email them to you and you can tell me which ones you want!

K Johnson said...

Um, Miss Bailey, I know it won't help with the downsize, but I bought a super cute pair of black mary jane style ballet flats in a 9W by accident - they aren't overly wide but the one keeps slipping off my heel....tempted?