Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yet another way I'm showing my age

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Last night, after a refreshing swim and some delicious meat cooked over fire (having a boyfriend has many benefits), Gary and I sat down to watch a movie on his ginormous tv. Projection screen. Um, something. Anyway, it's big. And has awesome stereo capabilities.

I think I fell asleep four or five times.

It was a good movie! It was exactly the kind of movie I love- a thriller with a good mystery and a twisting plot. And Sir Anthony Hopkins! How can you go wrong?

Well, at the end of the movie, I turned to Gary and said, "Wow! I can't believe he got away with it!"

To which he responded, "He didn't."

Um, I guess I slept through that really important part of the movie where they explain everything. Ooops.


Kathleen said...

You were just full belly sleepy, that's all! You can't be old, because that makes me ancient. And I already feel old enough with my broken foot. Meh!

Snowflake said...

You were just browsing!