Tuesday, September 02, 2008

everything is eventual

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
I realized something this weekend.

No offense to all parents, especially mine, but parents are dorks. We took so many road trips when I was growing up to all kinds of great places: Idaho, Eastern Rural Saskatchewan, Utah, Medicine Hat...oh, and Vegas, San Fran, Vancouver... I remember being SO embarrassed and frustrated by the 'stupid' things my family said and did. Oh, how they irked me. Particularly special moments like singing entirely too loud to Bon Jovi, pointing out "funny" signs, and announcing every single time any kind of wildlife or livestock or even exotic plant was spotted.

Yeah, well, apparently somewhere along the line I became JUST LIKE THEM.

Gary and I spent a considerable amount of time listening to Bon Jovi (but not too loud because I am like some granny and I get headaches when the music is too loud), making fun of the roadsigns in Yahk ("Hey- check it out! Yahk Burgers AND Old Stuff!") and spotting nature.

"Tree rat!" (...squirrel/chipmunk)

"Cow!" (with some special effect Mooing tossed in for good measure)

"Tree! Tree! Check out all the trees!!"

Yeah, it's pretty much inevitable. My children are going to hate me.


Lady Rose said...

In the Chapman family it's some freaky badge of honour to be the first person to "spot" something.




Grover said...

You're not a granny until you point to a field of square hay bales and comment about how "those cows are sure laying down in the field in an odd pattern"...

Snowflake said...

"Look at all the mustard, Peanut butter."

Meg said...

"That's not mustard, that's canola, Honey!"