Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog Post Ole

Monday, October 06, 2008
Well, I'm back!

Okay, I've been back in Canada for 3 or 4 days now, depending on how you count. And what fingers you use. And how many mid-afternoon mai tais you may or may not have had. But regardless of mathematical differences, I'm home, desperately missing free salsa and chips before every meal but not missing a veritable lack of vegetables and having to constantly coat myself in sunscreen. Nope, not so much.

The best thing about a great vacation is coming back refreshed. I really am relaxed, refreshed, and bouncy with joy about the future. I look forward to conquering a mountain of tasks at work (if the internet/our server/some computer whoozamadinger EVER GOES BACK UP), cleaning my house, downsizing all of my material possessions and hanging my tinkerbell tree ornament at Christmas.

So for your reading pleasure, some moments of note:

1. September/October is definitely the BEST time to visit Disneyland. A solid lack of childrens and families equals less wait time for Megans. And that makes Megans happy. Plus, we're Canadians, so anything about 10 degrees Celcius feels like HOT SUMMER HEAT to us.

2. After testing 3 Mexican restaurants within a block of our Hacienda in San Diego, we determined that the best was the Old Town Mexican Cafe. But you know, as long as it ends in -itas, -itos, -adas, or -changas, I'll pretty much devour it with delicious abandon. Mmmm.

3. Getting a cheap mani-pedi so close to the Mexican border that you can see it? Sweet. Wearing spa flip flops, which basically means going barefoot, into the bodega so close to the Mexican border that you could see it? Not sweet. Bimbo breakfast muffins? Strange, but sweet.

4. Baby pandas are the CUTEST thing ever. EVER.


K Johnson said...

Welcome back Megs!! Glad to hear you had a super fun-time in the US of A. Hmm, off season vay-cay...sounds very alluring. Always tempted by those things we can't have :)

Lady Rose said...

oooo...I had forgotten about the dodgy flip flops in the Mexican gorcery store. not appropriate outdoor wear!!