Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Festive, Holiday-themed Rant

Thursday, October 09, 2008
This time of year always makes me a little ranty.

Oops, maybe I should clarify. The Holiday in question is not the upcoming Turkey Day festivities, but rather, Halloween.

I love costumes. I love dressing up. I love looking like an idiot, as evidenced by my day-to-day "Grown Up Lady Costume". But what I do NOT love about Halloween as an adult is the ridiculous expectation that all women's costumes for this event must be some version of sexy. Or slutty. Or tarty.

You can be a sexy devil! A sexy angel! A sexy zombie. The undead doesn't do it for you? How about a sexy fairy? Or maybe a sexy princess! Sexy red riding hood? (I'm guilty of that one...and the photos are really not blog-appropriate!)

You can be a slutty pirate! A sultry harem girl. A tarty cheerleader! A saucy nun! Even a Sexy Pumpkin!

When I was in university, I'm sure there were girls who were just dressed as SEXY! Like, "Hey, cool costume. What are you?" "I'm SEXXXXY!" in an unnaturally high pitched squeal!

That's what wearing just underwears in public does to you, by the way. It makes your voice come out all unnaturally high pitched and squealy.


So I'm feeling all this pressure, see, to create/obtain an awesomely epic costume that is cute and all, but do you know how hard it is to find one that isn't cut so high you can see one's allofme?

It is HARD.

I give UP.

Oh, and also, unless you want your PC to be flagged and your internet usage to be monitored, I suggest not searching "Adult Mermaid Costume" at work.



Breanne said...

I hate this holiday.
I do not enjoy dressing up.
I do not enjoy the pressures associated with coming up with the 'best' costume to dress up in!
I am not creative enough to come up with good ideas.
I am not slutty enough to be okay with the costumes that are made for women.
I was in charge at one point in my life of choosing best costume in Calgary... and I did witness girls/women/whatever that were LITERALLY dressed in bras and panties while it was -10 outside. And what were they? Lingerie models of course. SIGH.
Slutty or creative... these seem to be the options of Halloween.