Monday, October 20, 2008

I also don't like movies with shower scenes of any kind

Monday, October 20, 2008
Eh, this weekend was entirely too short. What I really think the modern world needs is regular 3 and 4 day weekends.

One could argue that with the exception of March-April (depending where Easter falls) and June, that we do get regular, monthly 3 day weekends.

But I argue that it's just not ENOUGH 3 day weekends.

One more day would allow me to get enough sleep and lazing on to face this work week. I'm completely, totally, definitely beat, Blogosphere. I give up. My soul is crippled. My will to live? Negligible. Last week should have killed me. It's entirely possible that without my really good friends and the remaining shred of common sense I have, I wouldn't have actually made it through and the world would be short one Megan.

But alas, back to work.

Not that I didn't relax this weekend. Oh, no! Lots of relaxing was had. I even made a really nice dinner for my boyfriend where everything was finished at exactly the same time and it was cooked through and hot and tasted like real food and DIDN'T EVEN KILL HIM! No food poisoning for us!

But then, combatting the relaxing, we watched Dawn of the Dead.

Uh, or the first 12 minutes of Dawn of the Dead.

I couldn't take it, Internets. I just couldn't do it. The gore! The zombie child! The MALL! How DARE they use a hallowed place of worship to the material gods for ILL like that! I'll never feel safe again.

Also, thanksawholelot, I am Legend. Now, not only am I terrified of moaning, staggering, slow-moving brain-devouring zombies, I'm terrified of cancer-vaccine related undead that can run REALLY FREAKING FAST.

And jump. HIGH.

Thanks a lot.


Gary said...

I’m sorry for subjecting you to Dawn of the Dead, for 12 minutes. I guess our change to Momento didn’t completely wipe the zombies form your mind. I hear Tinkerbell is coming out, maybe that would make a nice evening viewing!

Meg said...

No, the zombies kind of permeated my mind. BUT, Momento was really, really good.