Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Day Eight Years in the Making

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Today is a hard day. I'm afraid, my friends, that tomorrow will be even harder. Today, a group of individuals that I don't necessarily trust to make a good decision (please note: not "the right decision") will elect their next leader. And everyone else on the planet who isn't starving to death- because clearly, those individuals have bigger problems- is holding their breath. And feeling, if you're me, completely hopeless.

Why don't I have faith?

Because this decision, made by the people, is ultimately made.by.the.people. That's a good thing, right? Yeah, sure. It's a great thing. It's absolutely the ONLY way it should be. Individuals, I trust. But People as a collective, I can't. I don't really have faith in a Nation to make a good decision, when their track record pretty much blows.

This was going to be a far more intelligent blog post, but let's cut to the chase:

Yankees, you're gonna make the wrong decision, because talk is cheap. Talk means nothing. You can wave your flag up and down the street and post on your blog and put a sign on your lawn and tell your neighbours and coworkers how enlightened you are to back someone different from you- but unless you actually BELIEVE in change and have the courage to do something about it when you mark your ballot?

Good luck to you, then.


Meg said...

Oh, and they didn't screw it up! Oh, me of little faith!