Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Most of the things that happen to me fall into one of two categories:

"This is so boring, don't you dare try to tell anyone this story or you'll have no friends, ever ever again", or, "This is going to be really really funny. Later."

Most of my blog content falls into the second category. I will admit that as of late, more and more posts are creeping up into the former versus the latter, but it's damn hard to make something entertaining out of "Last night I snuggled on the couch wearing slipper socks and watching TV on DVD".

That is my life, folks. I have settled into a blissful weekly routine and no longer make an ass of myself in public in the attempt to catch the eye of the gangly looking dark haired dude in glasses. Most of the time.

Instead, I try not to cry/burst out laughing when, after many failed attempts to pick a locked bathroom door at 10:40pm (when I really had to use said bathroom) on a work night with a bobby pin (can't be done! Hollywood LIES!), several different keys and a very tiny screwdriver, my ingenious other half takes to the metal knob with a drill and saved the day.

Lesson learned: The answer, apparently, to all my life's problems is no longer "Call your dad in tears because dads fix things; alternatively sit on the floor and cry." The answer is "Power tools."

Second lesson learned: crappy situations at the time later make good blog content.


Inquisitive mind... said...


How did you and your boyfriend lock yourselves out of the bathroom?

Meg said...

The door was locked, then accidentally pulled shut.